Prepaid AMR/AMI Smart Metering Solution

After collecting back the Water Revenue in time as the 1st Stage scope via Prepaid Water Meter Solution, the Water / Gas Authority shall focus on monitor & analyze the Customer Consumption Data for better decision making during water production and by monitoring the meter closely, the Water / Gas Authority should be able to find any Possible Water/Gas Leakage and Tamper situation in time.
By adopting LoRa, GPRS, NB-IoT etc. communicaton technology, LAISON Smart Water Meter could realize bi-directional communicaton between Meter Data Management (MDM) system and Smart Water Meter, to realize Remote Meter Recharge for Prepaid function and Remote Meter Data Collection for AMR/AMI function.
LAISON Prepaid AMR/AMI Smart Metering Solution includes:
1) LoRa STS Prepaid AMR/AMI Solution
2) GPRS Prepaid AMI Solution
3) NB-IoT Prepaid AMI Solution

1) LoRa STS Prepaid AMR/AMI Solution
By integrating SEMTECH LoRa Com. module in LAISON Smart Water Meter, it could realize both Prepaid and Remote Meter Data Collection function (AMR/AMI)
FOR PREPAID FUNCTION, it confirms to STS Standard (IEC62055-41,51). End-user could get a 20 digits meter recharge token either at Vending Points or Appointed Vendor through POS, put it into meter via CIU (Customer Interface Unit) through LoRa RF Wireless Communicaton to realize
FOR WALK-BY AMR FUNCTION, by taking LAISON PDA equipped with AquaRadius APP and MDC (Mobile Data Collector device), the Appointed Maintainer could remotely and automatically get the meters' data while walking / driving along the street.
FOR FIXED DCU AMI FUNCTION, by establishing DCU (Data Concentrator Unit) to cover the meters nearby in around 500 radius, all the meters in coverage shall automatically upload the corresponding data into Meter Data Management (MDM) system at defined time interval (every day / week / month)
The basic working process of LoRa Prepaid AMR/AMI Solution are as follows:

2) GPRS / NB-IoT Prepaid AMI Solution
By integrating GPRS/NB-IoT Communication Module and correspondingly SIM Card into LAISON Smart Water Meter, it could rely on existed GPRS / NB-IoT base station to upload pre-defined meter's data includes Hourly Consumption Data Record, Battery Voltage etc., for further data analyzing and meter monitoring.
In the meantime, for prepaid function, it could realize Remote Meter Recharge through GPRS/NB-IoT network, no need for any separate keypad for token input.
The basic working process of GPRS/NB-IoT AMI Solution are as follows

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