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GPRS Prepaid AMI Smart Meter

The self-developed LAISON GPRS Smart Water Meter realizes bidirectional data communication between meter and MDM System through GPRS Comm., thus realizing Meter Remote Prepayment, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Automatic Meter Data Uploaded, Real-time Meter Remote Communication, Remote On/Off  Value  switch valve, ect.
LAISON GPRS Water Meter complies to International STS Standard IEC62055-41,51, gets certified from STSA. Customers could purchase water through multiple methods (Vending Points, Agency, Customer Self-service, ect.), then obtain 20-digit recharge token. Moreover, the Center System can automatically send the recharge code to the corresponding smart meter through the GPRS network to recharge remotely without external keyboard input.
Meanwhile, meter data such as Hourly Consumed Water, Meter Battery Voltage, Running Status, ect. could be automatically uploaded to MDM System through GPRS for further data statistics and analysis. And d
iversified statistical reports can help water companies make scientific decisions.

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◈ STS Prepaid Working Mode, Remote Meter Recharge via GPRS/NB-IoT/LoRaWAN

◈ Real Time Clock (RTC) function, regular Remote RTC Calibration to ensure clock accuracy for basic meter functions, such as hourly/monthly frozen data 

◈ Daily Automatic Meter Data Upload,such as Hourly Consumption Data, Battery Voltage, Meter Running Status, Event Record etc. 

◈ Remote Meter Parameter Checking & Valve Control 

◈ Meter Illegal Connection Detection & Alarm (Optional)

◈ Water Leakage Detection & Alarm (Optional)

◈ 10 years' Hourly/Monthly Consumption Data Record 

◈ Prepaid and Postpaid Working Mode switchable

◈ Touchable Button for convenient Data Query & Data Upload

◈ Easy SIM card insert and replace