DMA (Data Management Area) System

According to various research, The high Non-Revenue Water (NRW) in Water Authority mainly because of following two reasons:
1) Failure of collecting water fee from end-user of the metered consumed water
2) Water pipe leakage and bypass situation which water is non-metered
LAISON provides solutions for both possible reasons, aims to reduce the NRW for Water Authority, improve the working efficieny to reach a better performance
1) Prepaid Water Meter solution to collect the metered consumed water revenue from end-user in time
2) DMA (Data Management Area) system to detect the possible Water Leakage in the pipeline and bypass situation to reduced unmetered water

By applying Industrial AMI Smart Water Meter at each inlet of water supply at specific are and Domestic AMI Smart Water Meter at each household, the Center System could get the meters' data of Supply (Industrial AMI Water Meter) and Consume (Domestic AMI Smart Water Meter), by analyzing these data, the system could detect possible leakage in pipeline or bypass situation and inform the management team of Water Authority in time.

Case 1: Detect the Water Leakage in pipeline 

In this case, there is an obvious gap between the water supply (data from Industrial Water Meter at inlet of area) and water consume (data from Domestic Water Meter at each household), which means there is possibly having a Water Leakage in this are. By further analyzing each meters' Hourly Consumption Data Record, the System could locate the exact Water Leakage position and send technician to do maintenance in time. 

Case 2: Detect the Bypass situation in pipeline 

In this case, for one specific customer, the hourly/monthly consumption data keeps low during the official running status, which the system defines it may have possible bypass situation. The Water Authority could send some technician to check on site

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