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GPRS Prepaid AMI Smart Gas Meter

LAISON GPRS Postpaid Gas Meters Type G1.6, G2.5, G4.0 integrating with GPRS Comm. module to realize Remote Automatic Meter Data Collection, are suitable for Domestic and Commercial applications mainly with a purpose for measuring accurate flow-rate of both Piped Natural Gas (PNG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).
The Gas Meters have key components like central body which is produced using injection moulding process with special grade polymer materials, which have a property of high resistant to gas corrosion. Diaphragms are manufactured using quality polyester fibre with special vulcanization process. The key parts of the gas meter like valve and valve seats are manufactured with Bakelite material under high-accurate process control method and having high wear resistance, low water absorption, low friction, high inner stability which ensures the accurate performance of Gas Meters.
Meters are equipped with unidirectional register with anti-reverse device to protect Gas Meter for temper proof operation. And LAISON GPRS Postpaid Gas Meters fulfills technical requirements of  BS:EN:1359-2016.

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1) Highly sensitive and Accurate

2) Calibrated and performed for precise flow measurement

3) Strong and robust design

4) Anti Corrosion structure and all weather resistant

5) Highly durable with consistent performance for long period

6) Compatible for retro-fittment with AMR system

7) Remote Meter Data Collection and Data Analysis

8) Touchable Button for convenient Data Query & Data Upload