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The Former Vice Governor Visited LAISON


On April 25th, Liming Liang, the former vice governor of Zhejiang province, led a group of people to visit Hangzhou LAISON Technology Co. for research and guidance. Raymond Zheng, the chairman of LAISON Tech., reported the entrepreneurial history, overall development of the enterprise and overseas market application, and also focused on introducing and demonstrating the smart water meter payment system and the smart water SaaS management platform that LAISON is currently working on.


When hearing that the smart water meters of LAISON Tech. have been exported to more than 30 countries, covering most of the countries in Africa and investing in overseas factories, Liming Liang expressed his high appreciation, said that it’s great for LAISON to follow the pace of the national “One belt, one road” and solve the users’ problems through product innovation, and LAISON will be able to obtain a fairly good development.


Regarding the impact of the epidemic on the company, Raymond Zheng said that it mainly brought more problems to market expansion, supply chain and logistics, but overall the company has maintained good growth. The business sources of LAISON are mainly from overseas markets, and employees could not travel overseas during the epidemic as in previous years, but through the establishment of overseas branches, online communication and other forms, the company still made a lot of achievements in market expansion. In 2021, the company signed new contracts worth nearly 100 million yuan, setting a new high record.