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Another new partnership reached for LAISON with the capital of Nigeria, Abuja


Currently, LAISON is doing a pilot program of 2,000 pcs GPRS Prepaid Smart Water Meters with FCT Water Board, in the capital of Nigeria. 


In order to help Water Board try different solutions to find the most suitable one for them, LAISON provides different solutions of meter type for practical use and evaluation. All type of meters take into account the prepaid and information remote transmission function, with characteristics of 24*7 meter monitoring, high measurement accuracy, large battery capacity, and suitable for outdoor installation, etc,.  


Fig.1 LAISON Smart water meter solution  

All smart meter solutions combined with LAISON STS Vending System Browser / Server (B/S) Mode to conduct data remote query and information management. Moreover, Integrating local mobile payment like PAYSTACK, FLUTTERWAVE, INTERSWITCH etc. to bring more convenient and accessible water purchasing experience for local residents. The installation date is scheduled for June, and were looking forward to seeing the great difference that the LAISON Smart Water Meter will make for WATER BOARD operation. 


Fig.2 LAISON STS Vending System Browser / Server 

So far, LAISON has partnered with 21 national/capital-level water companies, and the number of partnerships with water companies has reached 63, covering 90+% of the population and regions in Africa. With more and more water utilities cooperating with LAISON, we are pleased to see the increased profitability and work efficiency that LAISON products are bringing to them in more and more areas.