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Firstly proposed the 'Parise' series smart water meter


On 7th May, the first LAISON Product Release Conference was held successfully in Hangzhou, CHINA. The product announced at this conference is LAISON's latest generation STS Prepaid Smart Water Meter, defined as the 'Parise' Series which means Pay Rise, pronunciation same as Parise, which means LAISON brings the good life. On this conference, Raymond Zheng, CEO of LAISON, delivered a brief speech, and Clark Dai, the deputy general manager, introduced and displayed the new product in detail.


 Fig.1 Raymond Zheng, CEO of LAISON



Fig.2Clark Dai, Deputy General Manager


Compared with previous smart water meter, this generation of product has been upgraded in the following aspects: multiple communications optional, prepaid/postpaid switchable, STS compliance IEC62055-41,51, remote meter monitoring, 10 years consumption data storage, anti-tamper and 2 levels of low battery warning. Furthermore, the new product adopted new UV-resistant materials and appearance design with High IP Level (IP68), which effectively adapts to the requirements of outdoor installation and achieve high waterproof. The meters' service life has been extended, and at the same time, the more concise operation panel and structure bring a better experience to users and maintenance teams. Life time storage capacity also has been expanded to 10 years. Moreover, this smart water meter integrates LoRa/LoRaWAN/NB-IoT/GPRS communication mode optional, to achieve the remote meter monitoring, like water leakage detection and by-pass detection. In order to realize a more convenient water purchasing experience, LAISON provided three channels including vending points, appointed agency and customer self-service.




Fig.3 LAISON Parise Series STS Prepaid Smart Water Meter

As the most widely used smart water meter brand in Africa, LAISON is always aiming to bring a more intelligent and efficient user experience to clients around the world.