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LAISON Facilitates Collaboration with Vietnamese Water Utilities Through Successful Summit


Hangzhou, China - 17 November, 2023

In a strategic move to strengthen ties with emerging markets, LAISON, a leading innovator in smart water metering solutions, recently hosted a delegation from Vietnamese water utilities. The delegation, comprising key representatives from the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association, engaged in insightful discussions with LAISON's leadership, fostering a deeper understanding of mutual goals and aspirations.


The seminar served as a platform for LAISON to introduce tailor-made solutions for the Vietnamese market. Highlighting innovations such as the PARISE LoRa STS Prepaid Smart Water Meter Solution, PARISE IoT Online STS Prepaid Smart Water Meter Solution, and Ultrasonic Smart Water Meters, LAISON showcased its commitment to addressing key concerns in the water sector. The company's offerings aim to mitigate Non-Revenue Water (NRW), enhance revenue streams, and optimize operational efficiency.

The seminar also featured a presentation of LAISON's hardware and software solutions, including the HDMS system, accompanied by real-world case studies that provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the products. The Vietnamese water utility representatives expressed keen interest, signaling a potential avenue for future collaborations.


"As a provider of smart water metering solutions, LAISON remains dedicated to continuous innovation, riding the global wave of smart metering trends," stated Clark Dai, Deputy Manager at LAISON. "This successful seminar not only deepens our understanding of the Vietnamese market but also paves the way for mutually beneficial partnerships, helping us expand our global footprint and elevate our brand recognition."


The seminar aligns with LAISON's core philosophy of riding the global tide in smart metering. It is expected to facilitate further exploration of the Vietnamese market, tapping into its unique demands and opportunities.