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LAISON Successfully Held Training on Metering and HDMS System in Nigeria Branch


August 3, 2023-In Laison Nigeria branch, the training on metering and Laison HDMS system was carried out successfully with the participation of Niger State Water Corporation and Delta State Urban Water Corporation. The training contents cover various contents including water tariff configuration, customer type configuration, additional fee configuration and meter installation and activation, etc.

During training, participants learned how to configure water tariff rates for accurate billing.The training also covered additional fee configuration, which will enable the water corporations to account for any non-standard fees that may be applicable. Importing meters and integrating them into the infrastructure seamlessly was also included. The training also covered the smooth execution of water purchases and payment. Participants learned how to successfully execute water purchases and payments. Besides that, meter recharge via Customer Interface Units (CIU) and mobile vending by Point of Sale (POS) devices were also explored.


At the end of the training, both the Niger State Water Corporation and Delta State Urban Water Corporation were able to purchase tokens and successfully recharge their meters. 


One participant expressed dissatisfaction with the current Meter Brand being used in his location. This participant pointed out that had they known about LAISON Meters earlier, they would have undoubtedly opted for our reliable and efficient solutions.These positive feedback from knowledgeable professionals, which will further strengthens our resolve to continue providing innovative and reliable metering solutions.


Overall, the training was successful in equipping the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills on metering and Laisons system. The successful completion of the training will contribute to the improved efficiency  of both water corporations.