Case Studies

Prepaid Water Meter in Egypt


According to the notice of the President of Egypt, it becomes a Country Reform to switch all the Energy, Water and Gas meter in Egypt from Postpaid to Prepaid, aims to improve the working efficiency and reduce the labor cost.

LAISON customized a Prepaid Water Meter Solution for Egypt Market which combines the Smart Card (Contactless Card) Technology and STS (Standard Transfer Specification) Technology for easy operation and ensure bi-directional communication between Meter & Vending System 

It confirms to STS Standard IEC62055-41,51 to enable the Meter Recharge via 20 digits Token and ensure the compatibility with 3rd party STS Vending System

The Token could be transferred by IR Pad through Infrared Com. or Smart Card (Contactless Card) which could realize bi-directional com. between Meter & Center System at Customer's Choice.

Moreover, for human-based consideration, it adopts Dot Matrix type LCD with backlight to display Arabic Language for easy understanding and easy for reading at dark.