Case Studies

STS Smart Water Meters in CAMWATER in Cameroon


CAMWATER located in Douala of Cameroon. This project adopted STS Prepaid Water Meter with Mobile Vending and Walk-by AMR Solution for Remote Meter Data Collection Solution, and LAISON team also integrated LAISON Vending System with CAMWATER existing billing system GESCOM in order to transfer related data. Now, around 1500pcs LoRa STS Prepaid Water Meters are installed as Pilot Phase in Bonabéri. There is a further plan 20,000pcs approximately smart meters per year with total demand of 600,000pcs. In this Pilot Phase, LASION team visited CAMWATER to execute onsite training to ensure the successful roll out of the Pilot Project. Furthermore, this pilot phase gained highly praise from local media  (Crtv,Canal 2 and Version 4)due to the convenient and intelligent experience brought by the LAISON .


Fig.1. Product presentation



Fig.2. onsite installation