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AquaRadius for Walk-by Meter Data Collection

    LAISON AquaRadius APP. is designed for Walk-by AMR/AMI Prepaid Water Meter. AquaRadius is installed in POS machine, communicate with LAISON RF wireless adapter by USB to collect data, and upload meter data into system by GPRS or Wifi.
    AquaRadius integrating Google Map could accurately collect all meters' GIS info. and upload to the Center System. Meanwhile, the recommend walking path is adjusted automatically according to the current position where the maintainer is, to the newest best location for meter reading. And the basic water meters' data could be collected and stored to LAISON MDT (Mobile Data Terminal), and uploaded to Center System via GPRS or Wifi for further analyzing. 

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Functions of Aqua Radius:
1. Collect Meters' GIS Info. and upload to Center System;
2. The recommended Walking Path is adjusted automatically to collect all the meters' data in the Meter Reading Task;
3. Single Meter Reading & Mechanical Data Input for failed meters;
4. Meter Data Checking (Hourly/Monthly Consumed Water);
5. Control meter value open or close.