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NB-IoT Postpaid AMI Smart Module (Water/Gas)

  LAISON NB-IoT Postpaid AMI Smart Module is used to upgrade the installed traditional mechanical water/gas meter with pulse output to smart meter which could read and upload the meter data remotely, providing meters revamped solutions for water/gas companies.
  This module could obtain water/gas data from the traditional meter pulse output and upload the data to Center System through the NB-IoT without any human operation, which greatly reduces the meter reading cost of the water/gas company, improving operational efficiency.

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  • 1. Pulse Output for collecting water/gas meter data  

  • 2. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Automatic Upload Meter Data by NB-IoT Com., including hourly consumed water, monthly consumed water, battery voltage, meter running state, etc., which could be uploaded to Center System for supporting statistics and analysis.

  • 3. Remote Real-time Communicate with meters in LAPIS, collecting real-time meter data and checking the running state of meters according to actual needs.

  • 4. Generate Monthly Billing and Diversified Graphic Reports in LAPIS for water/gas companies.