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GPRS Postpaid AMI Bulk Meter

  In order to monitor the Water Meter with large water consumption and flow, such as main water supply pipelines, agricultural irrigation, industrial measurement, ect., LAISON designed Data Remote Terminal Unit (Hereafter referred as "DataRTU") which is integrated GPRS Com. Module inside for data collection and remote monitoring of Bulk Meters.
  LAISON GPRS Bulk Meter System consist of Mechanical Bulk Water Meter with Pulse Output and DataRTU, which connect to the water meter via pulse output and upload the meter's data to Center System via GPRS automatically.  Customers could also query/set the corresponding parameters in meter via SMS on Mobile Phone.

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  • 1. Support multiple meters (Max. 6) to ONE DataRTU via Pulse Output

  • 2. Support External Extended Device (Max. 2) with Analog Data Output connection for value-added service

  • 3. LCD Display on DataRTU for parameters checking & reading

  • 4. Automatic Water Consumption Data Capture & Storage from meter at programmable time interval (1 min-2 hours, recommend every 15 min.)

  • 5. Automatic Data Upload via GPRS at programmable time interval (1 min.-1 day, recommend 4 times perday, i.e. every 6 hours)

  • 6. Data Replication Mechanism for occasionally data upload failure cases

  • 7. Real Time Battery Voltage Monitoring

  • 8. Real Time Parameters Checking/Setting via SMS on Mobile Phone

  • 9. RS232/485 Port reserved for parameters reading & checking

  • 10. Programmable event alarm and SMS notification to ralated operators