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Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter

LAISON Ultrasonic Smart Waterd Meter is a State - of - art design of patent, which supports both Prepaid and Postpaid working mode. 
With integrated valve, it could realize Prepaid working mode aims to improve the bill collection for Water Authority and in the meantime with GPRS/LoRa/NB-IoT/Sigfox etc. IoT (Internet of Things) communication technology, it could realize Remote Meter Data Collection, Monitoring and Valve Control when necessary.


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♦  Low Start Flow Rate: 0.002m/h

♦  Fully Electronic, No moving parts with long working lifespan
♦  Flexible Installation Direction (Horizontal, Vertical, Inclined)
♦  Prepaid & Postpaid Working Mode available & switchable
♦  Water Temperature Detector Sensor, Low Temperature alarm

♦  Touchable Keypad reserved for Meter Data Query



2. Prepaid Function

♦  Confirms to STS Standard (IEC 62055 - 41,51), certified By STSA

♦  Flexible Water Purchase

    At Vending Points

    At Vendor via POS

    Customer self - service via SMS

♦  Flexible Meter Recharge

    Remote Recharge via Network

    CIU via LoRa Com.

    IR Pad via Infrared



3. AMI Function

♦  Daily Automatic Meter Data Upload

    Hourly Consumption Data, Battery Voltage, Meter Running Status & Alarm

♦  Real - time Remote Meter Communication

    Data Query

    Valve Control (Open/Close)

    Remote Recharge for Prepaid



4. Technical Data

♦  Accuracy Class: 2

♦  Working Temperature: T50 (T30/T70 optional)

♦  Max. Working Pressure: 1.6 MPa

♦  R (Q3/Q1) Value: 250/400/600

♦  Diameter: DN15 - DN20

♦  Power Supply: Lithium Battery, 3.6V