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Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter

AISON Ultrasonic STS Prepaid Smart Water Meter is a State-of-art design of patent, a fully electronic water meter made of industrial-grade electronic components. It is equipped with ultrasonic sensor and GPRS/NB-IoT/LoRa/Sigfox etc. IoT (Internet of Things) Communication Module to form an automatic intelligent sensor system, so as to realize the accurate measurement and data collection for analysis of water volume, flow rate, battery voltage, etc., and greatly reduce the non-revenue water or controversial water caused by meter measurement error. 

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♦ STS Prepaid Working Mode available, complies with STS Protocol IEC62055-41,51 

♦ High accuracy with lower initial flow rate and wider dynamic range

♦ Water dropping and leakage detection & Alarm

♦ Reverse Flow Detection & Alarm

♦ Fully Electronic, No moving parts with long working lifespan

♦ Flexible Installation Direction (Horizontal, Vertical, Inclined)

♦ Prepaid and Postpaid Working Mode switchable 

♦ Water Temperature Detector Sensor, Low Temperature alarm

♦ Touchable Keypad for convenient Data Query & Data Upload

♦ Easy SIM card insert and replacement.