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LoRa Wireless Bulk Prepaid Water Meter

    LAISON Bulk Prepayment Smart Water Meter WP-SDC (hereafter mentioned as "WP-SDC") consists of Woltman Type Dry Dial Industrial Water Meter with Pulse Output which connects to the Electronic Module and Pilot Valve, with optional diameter DN32-DN200. And WP-SDC complies to International STS Standard IEC62055-41,51, gets certified from STSA.
    WP-SDC integrated with LoRa RF Wireless Module could be upgraded to AMR/AMI solution for remote meter data collection. By walking along or driving along the street, basic Meters' Data ( Monthly Consumed Water, Meter Battery Voltage, Run Status, ect.) could be collected automatically by Mobile Data Collector (MDC) and LAISON POS  which equipped with LAISON Walk-by Data Collection APP (AquaRadius App.), and be uploaded to Center System by GPRS or WiFi. Another way, by adoption of Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) in concentrated meter installation areas, which could communicate with meter via LoRa RF Wireless Com. and the center system via GPRS, Meters' data could be uploaded to Center System automatically everyday, for Customer Monitor, Consumption Data Analyzing, Possible Leakage and tamper situation detection etc., Which actually realizes Meter Data Acquisition Automation.
    This solution could solve the non-revenue water for water companies, at the same time, it can automatically collect and monitor the meter data, improving the efficiency of meter reading and reducing the cost of management.

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1. Basic Functions:

1.1. Accunulation Function 
1.2. Insufficient water Warning
1.3. Overdraft Function (Emergency water)
1.4. Anti-water Storage (Purchase Limitation)
1.5. Monthly Consumption Limitation

2. Data & Event Record:

2.1. 10 years' Monthly Consumption Data Record
2.2. 10 years' Hourly Consumption Data Record Optional
2.3. Meter Event Record during whole lifespan, including Battery Replacement (Meter Restart), Open/Close Value Failure, Magnetic Interference Time, Exceed Maxmum Flow Time, ect.
2.4. Anti-tamper Function

3. Battery Power Management:

3.1. 2 Levels of Low Battery Warning & Super Capacity to ensure data
3.2. Data auto-save when battery off