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Integrated STS Prepaid Gas Meter

LAISON Integrated Keypad STS Prepaid Gas Meter, with a TOUCH KEYPAD on the Meter Case for Meter Recharge & Data Query, conforms to Public STS Standard IEC62055-41,51 and is certified by STSA (STS Association). Gas purchase could be done in multiply ways like at LAISON Vending System, Mobile Vending POS or SMS via customer self-service. Additionally, the client can choose IR PAD as an option to recharge the Token, which is suitable for customers whose installation location is relatively hidden and not easy to touch.

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● (Various ways of Gas purchase like at Vending Points by Cash, appointed Vendor by POS or Customer Self-service by E-payment (Mobile Money, Online Bank, etc.).

● Audible & visual alarm in predefined case for gentle reminder, such as insufficient gas credit, low battery etc..

● Full backlight on the Meter's LCD, it could be easily read even at night.

● Last Time Recharge Gas Volume, Remaining Gas Volume, Total Consumed Gas Volume, Valve Status, Low Battery, etc. could be easily inquired by entering a 2-digit Query Token.

● Emergency Gas, customers could still consume gas even if the balance credit in the meter is used up if Overdraft Function is activated.

● If external magnetic interference happens, the meter shall close the valve and record this event with exact time and event type.

● 10 years' Data Record Storage)