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LoRa STS Prepaid Gas Meter

LAISON Split Type STS Prepaid Gas Meter with AMR/AMI function can realize prepayment function and remote semi-automatic/automatic meter data collection through integrated LoRa RF wireless Comm. Module inside. 
For Prepaid Function, It complies with International STS Standard IEC62055-41,51 and gets STS certification. Customers can purchase gas through multiple methods (Vending Points, Agency, Customer Self-service, etc.), and obtain a 20 digit recharge token. By inputting the recharge token through Customer Interface Unit (CIU), the Gas Meter will be recharged successfully. 

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1) AMR Functions

◈ Meter Installation Location (GIS) info. Collection

◈ Meter Reading Task Download from LAPIS Server

◈ Meter reading path optimization

◈ Automatic Meter Data Collection and upload

◈ Remote Meter Valve Control

2) AMI Functions

◈ Automatic Meter Data Upload

like Hourly/Monthly Consumption Data Record, Battery Voltage, Meter Alarm Event etc.

◈ Automatic Real Time Clock (RTC) Calibration

◈ Real Time Communication, Remotely Control Valve Open/Close

3) Massive Data Storage

◈ 10 years' Hourly/Monthly Consumption Data Record

◈ Meter Event Record during whole meters’ lifespan, such as meter re-start, valve operation failure, magnetic interference, etc.

4)Anti-magnetic interference

◈ If external magnetic interference happens, the meter shall close the valve and record this event

with exact time and event type.

5)Low Battery Detection & Warning

◈ 2 Levels of Low Battery Warning

◈ Data auto-save & Valve Close when battery low