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LAISON HDMS: Revolutionizing Water Utility Operations with Innovative Systems


LAISON has been committed to becoming a leading global provider of IoT products and data services. After years of unremitting efforts and continuous innovation, LAISON is honored to announce the official release of Hardware & Data Management System (HDMS).

HDMS represents a significant breakthrough for LAISON in the development of smart metering and IoT technologies. HDMS is based on IoT terminals and an information platform, aims to achieve intelligence, efficiency, and digitization, providing comprehensive solutions for water companies.

HDMS includes a series of innovative modules, including LAPIS Revenue System, iOSent Meter Reading System, AquaWork Work Order System, AquaTEC Leakage Management System and LaVice Value-added System. These modules cover various aspects of smart water management, from revenue management to meter reading system, work order management, and leakage management, providing comprehensive and efficient management service for water companies.


LAPIS Revenue System module provides flexible revenue collection includes Prepayment, Postpaid, Additional Fee, Historical Debt etc., which dramatically increase revenue for Water Utility.

iOSent Meter Reading System module can make the meter data reading process digitized, not only for IoT Smart Water Meter, but also for Mechanical Water Meter, by adopting OCR technology, which greatly reducing the workload and error rate of manual meter reading.

AquaWork Work Order System module provides an efficient work order management system, helping water companies optimize workflow and automate task allocation.


AquaTEC Leakage Management System module provides an accurate monitoring and management solution for leakage issues, helping water companies quickly identify and address water leakage problems, reducing resource waste and losses.


LaVice Value-added System includes some value-added service which will further help customers to realize digital platform management. 


The release of HDMS signifies an important step in companys development. LAISON believes that only through continuous pursuit of innovation and technological breakthroughs, and constantly improving core competitiveness, can we provide global users with better service experiences