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Laison Showcased at Enlit Africa 2023 and Launched the Latest Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter


Capetown, South Africa, May 17, 2023- Laison, as the most widely used smart water meter brand in Africa, exhibited products and technology line-up at Enlit Africa 2023. The highlights of Laison’s offering at Enlit Africa 2023 include Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter, Parise Series Smart Water Meter, Volumetric Smart Water Meter and LAISON Hardware & Digital Billing Management System(HDMs).



Enlit Africa stands as the largest conference in the African energy industry, a platform that provides excellent opportunities for businesses and connects professionals from around the continent.This event brings together the entire value chain across power, energy and water. Laison’s aim is to utilize Enlit Africa 2023 as an opportunity to bring products to the next level and connect with more potential business partners.

The highlight of Laison’s presence at this event is the new product launch, representing a new and meaningful attempt to enhance overseas brands influence. Laison rolled out The First STS Prepaid Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter at product launch. Ultrasonic smart water meter is a fully electronic water meter without any moving parts inside, no maintenance required, installation angle flexible, and with Wider Dynamic Range R250 or above, it has lower initial rate to count every drop. It is Integrated with a Ball Valve inside to support the Prepaid function of water supply cut-off when credit is used up, also by GPRS/NB-IoT/LoRa/LoRaWAN, etc. IoT (Internet of Things) Communication Module inside, support bi-directional data transfer between LAPIS Meter Data Management System and Water Meter, for Remote Meter Recharge, Automatic Data Upload, Meter Monitoring, etc. This new product displays the combination of practicability and innovation, and it also embodies Laisons continuous commitment to introduce innovative and comprehensive solutions to the metering industry.



Laison brings high value, advanced smart metering solutions to overseas market by focusing on innovation and win-win cooperation to enhance customers experience and creating more value to water management. For more information, please visit: www.laisongroup.com