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LAISON at the 21st International Congress of the African Water Association (AfWA)


The 21st International Congress and Exhibition of the African Water Association (AfWA) was held in Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast, from 20 to 23 February 2023. Laison’s team attended this grand event and we are thrilled and honored to showcase our innovative smart water metering solutions at exhibition.



The African Water Association (A
fWA) was established in February 1980 out of the desire of some African water utility managers to pool their human, technical, and financial resources and to improve access to drinking water for the African people. This years’ session features the theme “Acting for sustainable resources management and access for all to water and sanitation in Africa”, and the world's leading experts, engineers, technicians, researchers, and stakeholders could meet and focus on the water opportunities and challenges in Africa .



Laison stays firm to follow localization strategy and have established branches and factories in multiple countries in Africa. This step will not only make fast delivery possible but also promote local industrialization and employment. Meanwhile, Laison also brought the trending MaaS(Metering-as-a-Service) concept and PPP funding model at this Expo, thereby providing one-stop service for water metering, management&monitoring, operation and project funding. Additionally, Laison’s smart water metering solutions not only focus on cutting-edge metering products like the Parise series smart water meter, Ultrasonic smart water meter, Volumetric STS Prepaid Smart Water meter, etc. but also include advanced data management system like LAPIS system. Bi-directional data transfer can be realized between Meter and LAPIS System for remote meter monitoring and automatic data collection for further analysis. All of our solutions will help water authorities further reduce non-revenue water and bring their management to a new level.



Through this exhibition, Laison not only reinforced and established connection with existing and potential customersdeveloped in-depth exchanges with peers and experts in water fields, but also received
extensive positive feedback and affirmation from water utilities. As the leading water meter brand in Africa, Laison will make continuous efforts for products upgrade and better customer experience, thereby providing advanced smart water meter solutions to help water authorities cope with challenges of water management.