LAISON is a memember of STS assosication, which was established by ESKOM in South Africa and a few energy meter manufactures.
STS protocol is popular used now for electricity meters since it was adoptted by IEC commission as the standard IEC62055-41, 51.
The advantages of STS prepaid meters is competitable ability. The meters from different manufacturers could perfectly integrated with the system.
Different with other STS prepaid water meters manufacturer, whom normally produce the meters with keypad on it surface, which is quite inconveient for entering the code, LAISON could provides Split Type STS Prepaid Water Meters. 

The recommend economy STS prepiad water meter is using Infrared communication between the IR Pad and meters, the cost of the produce is very similar with the conventional RFID card prepaid water meters. LAISON also provides the split type prepaid water meters with the RF communication, between the CIU and water meters, the advantage of this model is the possibility of updating it to AMI prepaid meters, which possible to be a final solution of the smart water metering field.

LAISON could provide both STS Vending system for tokens generatation or intergrate the prepaid meters to other system providers vending system like Syntell, Conlog, Net 1 etc.

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