LIMAS is the AMI/AMR management system developped by LAISON, for the purpose of manage different kinds water meters with RF wireless communication modules, GPRS industry modules NBIoT, LoRaWAN and also ZIGBEE/Bluetooth/WiFi water meters. The system provides the friendly interface and also powerful functions.

LIMAS could work with Data Concentrator, Repeater etc. hardware for DATA collection. The system could provide a interface for most of the Billing system which used by the water companies, such as EDAMS, SAP, and Oracle database. It enables the water companies to remote read the consumption data of the water meters and produce the bill online.

LAISON also developped Walkby meter reading system as the part of the LIMAS. The walkby system is a App runs in the smart phone use Android OS, the App communicate with a Data collector box through the Bluetooth module, and then the Data Collector which configures both RF wireless modules and bluetooth, could communicate with the RF wireless AMI water meters. 

The RF wireless communication module works on 169MHz/433MHz/868MHz frequencies, the AMI water meter could integrate several RF wireless modules from different suppliers.
For Industry AMI meters, LAISON recommend to use the GPRS module, which enables the meters suitable more complicate installation environment.

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