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EG Series Balance Heat Meter

The EG Series Balanced Heat Meter is a smart remote information collection and control device  for the end monitoring and heat metering of heating/cooling systems. Room Temperature Soft Measurement Model and L Value Balance Control Algorithm inside realize room temperature cooling system. With Enbus communication port, it can be connected to EM series collector to realize remote data transmission.   
Applying carbon fiber high-strength composite shell, surface valve integrated electromagnetic flow sensor, high-precision Pt1000 paired temperature sensor, low power consumption DC24V power supply, it has high control precision, high reliability, long life, small size, strong function, easy to use, etc.. It is suitable for secondary network balance system, intelligent heat network system, smart heating system end information collection, etc. applications.
EG Series Balance Heat Meter conforms the industry standard of Balanced Heat Meter. The metering level index conforms the national standard of GB/T32224-2015 and industry standard CJ128-2007.



1. Balance Function

The balance heat meter automatically tracks the heat distribution coefficient L through the temperature control, so that the heat distribution of each customer is consistent, thereby achieving the hydraulic balance and thermal balance.

2. Room Temperature Soft Measurement Model

The room temperature soft measurement model enables temperature measurement without entering the household, improving the reliability of room temperature measurement. The measured temperature can be applied to the optimization of the L value, as well as to assess the heating quality of the household, while providing signal feedback for the quality adjustment of the Heat Exchange Station.

3. Water Loss Monitoring

Through the abnormal changes of process parameters such as return water temperature and flow rate, the loops where water loss may occur are analyzed and provided to the operator for further judgment. And the water loss diagnosis mode can be further activated. By closing the control valve of the balance heat meter, the change of the process parameters is analyzed to determine the occurrence of water loss in the household.

4. Flow Control

It adopts vertical V type high-sensitivity low-torque adjusting valve structure. The flow characteristic curve is close to 100%, and adjustable ratio is greater than 200:1 for precisely controlling return water temperature and L value.The Valve position feedback realize the precise adjustment of valve position, position control and step control of the valve.

5. Locking Function

It adopts soft-sealed valve body structure and pressure-assisted sealing. Leakage is less than 0.01% Kvs, which can be used as heating switch, and applied to the water loss diagnosis mode.