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Postpaid AMR Smart Water Meter MIU

    At present, some water companies hope to upgrade the installed traditional mechanical meters into smart meters which could upload meter data to Center System automatically. LAISON Postpaid AMR Smart Water Meter MIU (Meter Interface Unit) with LoRa RF Wireless Com. Module integrated meets this kind of demand and is suitable for all types of traditional mechanical meters with Inductive Detection Sampling. The meter collects the data by  Inductive Detection Sampling. And through LoRa RF Wireless Com. Module, the POS machine could collect meter data by semi-automatic walking-reading mode. Then the meter data could be uploaded to Center System for data statistics and analysis, generating monthly bills and diversified graphical reports. Based on this data support, water companies can make scientific decisions.

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MIU (Meter Interface Unit) is compatible with ITRON and other mechanical meters with Inductive Detection Sampling. 
FUNCTIONS in MIU (Meter Interface Unit)
1. Accurate Real Time Clock (RTC) in MIU
2. Water Measurement via Inductive Detection Sampling
3. Reverse Flow Detect and Measurement
4. Instantaneous Flow Rate Measurement
5. LoRa RF Wireless Module integrated for Remote Data Collection (Walk-by AMR)
The Meter Reader with LAISON MDC (Mobile Data Collector) and MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) walks along the street where the meters are installed, collecting the meter data automatically through LoRa Com. and uploading it to Center System by GPRS/WiFi.

FUNCTIONS in MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) with AquaLink
1. Google Map integrated for accurate Meter's GIS Info. Record & Track
2. Autometic Meter Data Collection via Walk/Drive-by
3. Meter Data collected checking & upload to Meter Data Management System (MDM)
4. Real Time Communication with Meter