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NB-IoT Prepaid AMI Smart Gas Meter

NB-IoT developed by 3GPP is based on the Narrow Band Internet of Things Standard of cellular. At present, the domestic research and investment on NB-IoT has reached the advanced international level, like Huawei owns the core independent property rights of NB-IoT chip. 
The self-developed LAISON NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter realizes bidirectional data communication between meter and Center System through NB-IOT Com., thus realizing Meter Remote Prepayment, Real-time Meter Remote Communication, Remote On/Off  Value, ect. 
LAISON NB-IoT Gas Meter complies to International STS Standard IEC62055-41,51, gets certified from STSA. Customers could purchase gas through multiple methods (Vending Points, Agency, Customer Self-service, ect.), and obtain 20-digit recharge token. Moreover, the Center System can automatically send the recharge code to the corresponding smart meter through the NB-IoT network to recharge remotely without external keyboard input.
Meanwhile, meter data such as Hourly/Weekly/Monthly Consumed Gas, Meter Battery Voltage, Run Status, ect. could be automatically uploaded to Center System through NB-IoT for further data statistics and analysis. And d
iversified statistical reports can help water companies make decisions scientifically.

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1. Basic Functions:

1.1. STS Prepaid Working Mode available: Meter Recharge 
via NB-IoT Com. Channel remotely 
via IR Pad 
1.2. Daily Autometic Meter Data Upload 
via NB-IoT (Hourly Consumption Data, Battery Voltage, Meter Running Status, Event Record etc.) 
1.3. Remote Meter Parameter Checking & Value Control via NB-IoT

2. Data & Event Record:

2.1. 10 years' Monthly Consumption Data Record
2.2. 10 years' Hourly Consumption Data Record Optional
2.3. Meter Alarm Event Record during whole lifespan, including Battery Replacement (Meter Restart), Open/Close Value Failure, Magnetic Interference Time, Exceed Maxmum Flow Time, ect.

3. Battery Power Management:

3.1. 2 Levels of Low Battery Warning & Super Capacity to ensure data
3.2. Data auto-save when battery off