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IoT Postpaid Water Meter

LAISON Internet of Things (IoT) Water Meter adopting non-magnetic/inductive sampling technology can transfer the mechanical water meter reading to electronic, and by integrated NB-IoT/LoRa etc. Wireless communication module, it could upload the data to MDM System for further data analyze and monitoring. Meanwhile, IoT Water Meter integrates ultra-low-power Bluetooth 5.0 technology for short-distance inquiry and debugging.
The separated wireless remote transmission module design is compatible with multiple mechanical meter with the non-magnetic target for easy retrofit, no need to dismantle meter.

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1)Adopt non-magnetic / inductive sampling technology, anti-magnetic interference (10000GS)

2)The electronic module and the mechanical part are separated design, maintenance cost is low.

3)Reverse Flow Detection, High Flow Detection

4)Water Leakage Detection & Alarm

5)Adopt Bluetooth 5.0 technology, equipped with Android APP designed by Laison, convenient for Data Query and Maintenance

6)Daily Automatic Meter Data Upload,such as Hourly Consumption Data, Battery Voltage, Meter Running Status, Event Record etc.