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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The LAISON Electromagnetic Flow Meter is composed of a sensor and a converter. The sensor is composed of a measuring tube, an electrode, an excitation coil, an iron core and a housing. The converter includes an internal circuit board and a converter housing. Its function is to amplify, process, and calculate the flow signal. It can display the instantaneous flow and accumulated flow, and can output pulses, analog current and other signals for the measurement and control of fluid flow. The LAISON Electromagnetic Flow Meter uses an intelligent converter, which not only has functions such as measurement and display, but also supports Remote Meter Data Upload, Remote Control, and Alarm Functions.
Applicable to thousands of conductive media with a conductivity of 5µS / cm, wide nominal diameter range, suitable for various practical environmental conditions, multiple power supply methods, multiple signal outputs. It adopts the standard RS-485 serial communication interface, supports MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, GPRS, ect.. 
The Electromagnetic Flow Meter is a high-precision, high-reliability speed-type flow meter that can measure various media such as acid, alkali, salt solution, pulp, mineral pulp, water, etc. But the medium must not contain more ferromagnetic substances and a lot of bubbles. It’s widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, food, electric power, papermaking, water supply, heating, environmental protection and other industries.



Functional characteristics

1. No blocking, small pressure loss and high accuracy.
2.The energy saving effect is remarkable, there is no mechanical collapse, and the response is very sensitive.
3. Wide measuring range, liquid flow rate can be 0.3-10m/s. 
4. Excellent measurement repeatability and linearity. The measurement of a fluid is independent of the physical properties of the medium (such as temperature, pressure, viscosity, density, etc.) and flow conditions.
5. It has strong adaptability to the vibration of pipelines and the environment. it can meet the measurement requirements of corrosive heat-carrying fluids. And no special requirements for installation.
6. Good reliability and anti-interference