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Standpipe Prepaid Water Meter

LAISON Standpipe Prepaid Water Meter is designed for Community public water dispensing in rural area. It allows multiple customers to get water by separate Customer Cards, by putting the Customer Card to meter, the end-user could get water correspondingly and in the meantime, the meter shall measure and calculate in real-time of Consumed and Remaining Credit during water taking.
LAISON Standpipe Prepaid Water Meter is equipped with GPRS Communication Module for Remote bi-directional communication with Center System. Corresponding info. like Meter running Status, Transaction detail, Meter Alarm event etc. could be uploaded to Center System in real time and in the meantime, operator could remotely control meter’s valve when necessary. 
Moreover, Flexible water purchase way is provided by LAISON, both at Vending Points through Vending System and at Vendors through POS are available, and by integrating to local E-payment platform like Mobile Money, Online bank etc makes the water purchase more easy and convenient.  

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♦ Multiple User Water Delivery for public
Water Delivery for public. Multiple user could get water by individual Customer Card swiping on Meter and water will be cut off when Customer Card moved away.


♦ Real-time com. & monitoring via GPRS
Integrated GPRS Communication Module to ensure the bi-directional data transfer between Meter and Center System, for meter's
configuration, monitoring and real-time transaction record upload for Statistic & Report.
♦ Flexible Water Purchase & Payment
Flexible water purchase way available, either at Vending Points or appointed vendor through POS (Point of Sale). By Integration with local E-payment platform enables the easy and safe payment way during water purchase.

1. Basic Function

1.1 Prepayment working mode, water supply cut of when credit runs out
1.2 One Meter, multiple user for public water supply
1.3 Multiple meter to get water allowed for specifific customer
1.4 High Measure Accuracy - measure every 0.036 liters
1.5 Real Time Monetary calculation in meter when getting water
1.6 AC Power Supply with internal Storage Battery for backup (12V, 12Ah)

2. Human-based Functions 

2.1 Advertising Board with backlight available for customized usage
2.2 Bright LED Segment Display for easy reading in dark


3. Bi-directional COM. Via GPRS

3.1. GPRS module integrated in meter for bi-directional data transfer between meter and system
3.2. Real-time Meter Malfunction/Abnormal Transaction upload & alarm


4. High Security for Data & Meter

4.1 Un-erasable Massive Transation Record Storage in Meter

4.2 Illegal Meter Cover Open detection & alarm to avoid possible tamper

4.3 RS485 Port reserved for meter's initialize and data reading in case the GPRS Com. Integrated fails




Working Voltage: AC220V or DC 12V

Water Credit Transfer Media: Contactless Card, Philip Mifare S50 Card

Working Temperature: -10-70℃

Max. working Pressure: 16 Bar

Control Valve: Electron magnetic valve for water cut off, operation time 50~120ms

Internal Storage Battery for backup: 12V, 10Ah

6. Standpipe Installation Guide