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Laiosn's Perfect Performance at 16th INDOWATER Expo


INDOWATER Expo was successfully held at the Jakarta Convention Center in Indonesia's capital, from October 5 to October 7, 2022 . After a three-year pause due to the global pandemic, the Expo finally returned and ended up with a successful conclusion. As one of the largest and most renowned exhibitions in Indonesia's water field, this Expo received wide support from all parties, with more than 300 companies from 30 countries attending this conference.


As the leading brand in global water metering industry, Laison demonstrated core technologies and innovation capability through booth display and interactions. Moreover, we also displayed some smart water metering products including Parise Series Bluetooth Water Meter, Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter, MIU smart module (for old meter upgrading), etc. Laison’s industry-leading Saas system solution also make its appearance to the exhibitors in Southeast Asia, reflecting Laiosn’s high-end technology in water field. All these products have won high praise from metering profession.


Parise Series Bluetooth Prepaid Smart Water Meter

In this exhibition, the Parise Bluetooth Smart Water Meter attracted lots of people’s attention.


Integrated with advanced Bluetooth Communication technology, Bluetooth Smart Water Meter can help customers to realize convenient water purchase, automatic recharge and data query functions through the mobile App designed by Laison. At the same time, it supports remote meter data collection and automatic data reporting functions. It will not only improve the revenue for the water utilities, but also provide one-stop water solution and service for users.

Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter

Ultrasonic Water Meters made a big splash at the exhibition, with many attendees in front of the booth.


Laison Ultrasonic Water Meter adopts ultrasonic measurement technology, without any mechanical part to ensure high accuracy and requires no extra maintenance work.Prepaid and Postpaid modes are alternative. At the same time, it integrates various communication technologies, such as GPRS, LoRa, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, etc., to realize two-way communication with the management system. This product has excellent performance, and it has been praised by experts in metering industry.

As a Chinese benchmark in the international smart water meter market, Laison will always follow customers-oriented principle to meet diverse needs of customers. Moreover, we will take digitization development as first policy and enter the era of smart water with global water utilities.