Case Studies

Prepaid Water Meter in Angola


Huambo is the capital of the province of Huambo in Angola. The city is the second largest in Angola, after the capital city, Luanda. LAISON introduced Volumetric Type STS Prepaid Solution to Huambo,  with aim to improve the Revenue Water and Working Efficiency for Water Boards. 
So far, 20,000 pcs are installed in Huambo in year 2018. And the vice governor for the technical sector and infrastructure, Mr. Leonardo Sapalo, cut ribbons on site for LAISON. Furthermore, 
6,000 pcs are installed in Kuito, the administrative capital of Bié Province, in year 2019. Totally 800,000 pcs will be requested in following 5 years, in main city like Cabinda, Benguela, Namibe etc. With the coverage of LAISON prepaid water meters in Angola, residents will experience the convenience of LAISON prepaid water meter. 

2. Meter Installation_2.png